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On this page you can read the consequences of the coronavirus for shipments in the Benelux and the rest of Europe.

Extra hygiene measures
DHL signs for delivery

The virus normally does not spread via parcels and pallets, but the courier and ServicePoint employee are extra alert to all hygiene measures. For the time being, we will therefore sign for shipments that require a signature ourselves. We sign in front of the recipient. We also keep an appropriate distance following the guideline of 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact.

Delivery in Europe
Changes to our services due to the virus

The changes in Europe differ per country. For the countries that are not in the list below business continues as usual. Due to the COVID-19 measures there is a delay of one or more days in Germany and Italy. In most countries our courier signs for delivery in front of the recipient. Always check in advance whether your business recipient abroad is open.

The Netherlands

Due to the lockdown, a limited number of DHL ServicePoints are closed. If a parcel is in a closed location, it will be returned to the sender. If a parcel is on its way to a closed shop, we will try to reroute it to the closest available one. Please check the current opening hours before visiting one of our DHL locations.

Find my DHL location

Additionally, you can hand in a maximum of 25 parcels per day at a DHL ServicePoint. Only at XL locations you can hand in a limitless amount of shipments. You can find these locations in our ServicePoint locator. Are you shipping to a closed business or store, but is it still accepting shipments? Then this must be stated at the doorbell, otherwise the shipment will be returned.


Due to the extra COVID-19 measures in Belgium, bpost has many more shipments to process. Do not send more shipments than agreed with us. If a business shipment is on its way to a closed location, the package is returned to the sender.


Some of the servicepoints have been closed. Packages will be forwarded to another servicepoint in the area or will be returned to the sender.The delivery of your shipments will be delayed with a few days. Include a telephone number in the shipment data for business recipients. We check whether the recipient is open for delivery. If a shipment cannot be delivered, it will be returned.


If your business recipient is closed due to the coronavirus, your shipment will be returned to the sender. Due to the corona measures and delays in sorting and delivery, the delivery time is at least one day longer.

France, Spain and Sweden

Heavy snowfall may cause delays when shipping to Spain, Sweden and France. Keep an eye on track and trace for the latest status.


Recent earthquakes may delay shipments up to 5 days. Shipments that we can't deliver to affected areas will be returned to you.

Always up to date

If you have any questions about changes to our services as a result of the coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support Department.

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