Support DHL does not ship the following products

Certain rules apply to the content of your parcel. For security reasons we do not ship the following items:

  • Products of exceptionally high value such as art, antiques, and precious stones and precious metals
  • Products that can spoil
  • Food products, unless they have been packed well and shipped unconditioned
  • Money, coins, debit cards and credit cards, SIM cards, securities, and valuable documents such as passports
  • Human organs and human remains, including ashes
  • Animals (also insects), parts of animals and hunting trophies
  • Unaccompanied luggage
  • Plants, except flower bulbs
  • Fertilizer
  • Prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, military equipment, etc.
  • Narcotics/drugs
  • Dangerous goods such as chemicals, paints, fireworks, batteries, etc.
  • Parcels with an inherent defect which, because of their nature, can damage people, merchandise, or equipment.
  • Illegal goods such as counterfeit products
  • Products whose transport is legally prohibited in the country of origin, transit, or destination
  • Products that require special facilities, safety precautions, or permits
  • Products that can be considered offensive, such as pornography or goods that are politically sensitive, must be packaged correctly and the packaging may not be perceived as provocative
  • DHL Parcel does not ship envelopes. 

If you are in doubt about a product or shipment, feel free to contact our customer service department. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this page.

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